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Firewood Tips from the Pros

There will be time this winter when sitting in front of a warm fire is exactly what will take the chill from a cold winter’s night. A warm hearth is wonderful, but make sure to take a few precautions to avoid pests.

Don't Stack The Odds Of Pests Against You

Leaning out your back door to grab a log for the fire seems very convenient, but this convenience comes at a price. Keeping your wood pile close to your home encourages both mice and termites! Although it means a longer walk in the cold, our Trius pest professionals suggest wood piles be kept at least twenty feet from your home to cut down your chances of an infestation. In the best case scenario, you should keep your firewood covered to keep out moisture and the wood should be raised off the ground. By keeping some air space under the cover and under the pile you will allow air to flow and the wood will stay drier.

Mice and termites are not the only pests that are attracted to wood piles. Spiders and other small creatures like beetles also make their homes in wood. Before you bring the wood into your home it is a good idea to give it a strong tap on the ground. This tap will help to dislodge spiders and insects that may be using the log as a home. This is especially important if you do not know exactly where your firewood was harvested. Firewood that was harvested in other areas of the country could harbor invasive pests. Most experts recommend that you get your firewood from a reputable person and that the firewood is not moved more than fifty miles from its origin.

Even if you are able to source your firewood from someplace close, it is a good idea to limit the amount of wood you bring into your house at any given time. It is best to only bring in enough firewood for the current fire. Even though it is more convenient to bring in a large amount of wood at one time that creates a great opportunity for any pests that are able to enter your home to start roaming.

Lastly, if you do find that pests have entered your home on the firewood, never treat your firewood with pesticides. Not only do the chemicals often cause pests to burrow into the wood, making the chemicals ineffective, even worse, when you burn the wood you will release those chemicals into your home. Many chemicals can become very dangerous when they are burned.

If you find that pests do enter your home call Trius Pest today or book your free estimate by clicking here. A pest professional will be able to help identify the kind of pest you have, how best to treat for it, and in many cases how to completely avoid having them in your home in the future.