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Our Pest Control Services

Since 1983, families just like yours have chose Trius Pest Management for affordable and effective pest control services. Sharing the same goals as you, we strive to create a safe, pest free environment for your family to enjoy without the worry of pests. Being locally owned and operated, we're dedicated to providing our neighbors and friends the best services possible, so why settle for anything less? We're proud to service the Northern New Jersey region, which includes Boonton, ​Denville, ​Mountain LakesRandolph, and more. Find the pest control service you're looking for below!


Ant Control

While ants may be tiny, finding a trail of them on your kitchen counter or around your bathroom sink can ruin your peace of mind. Some of the more stubborn ant infestations have nothing to do with...Learn more

Cockroach Control

Dealing with a roach infestation in your most sacred space is a disgusting and unsettling task. But getting rid of roaches doesn’t have to be your job Instead, allow the certified roach exterminators...Learn more

Termite Control

Don't let termites eat away at your dreams! Get serious about controlling them before it's too late.Learn more