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If bed bugs have hitched a ride into your most sacred space, it’s time to get rid of them fast! Let Trius Pest Management take over. With over 35 years of pest management experience, you can trust that your bed bug problem will be eliminated once and for all. In order to eliminate the problem, you have to identify just how bad the problem is -- that’s why Trius Pest Management offers a free inspection, so you and your family can receive fast, affordable relief.


Bed Bug Control in New Jersey


When faced with a bed bug infestation, you want your most trusted bed bug experts to eliminate the problem quickly. Often, disturbing a home with a bed bug infestation can cause the infestation to spread to other parts of the home. Let the experts take over without turning your home inside out. Our Pest Control Experts follow Bed Bug Central’s unique NO PREP protocol, so you can expect the following during a Trius bed bug treatment program:

  • A thorough, free inspection to identify where bed bugs are hiding and the severity of your infestation.
  • NO PREP approach to eliminate the bed bugs quickly without disrupting your home and family.
  • Targeted and effective bed bug treatments including applications of insecticides, steaming and vacuuming your home using physical barriers, as well as mattress and box spring encasements.
  • Avoidance of heat treatments - research shows that heat treatments do not offer lasting effects and often lead to recurring infestations in your home.
  • A minimum of 3 total treatments spaced out anywhere from 1 week to 10 days to ensure that the current infestation is eliminated and future ones will not occur.

Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

Trius Pest Management offers thorough home inspections to identify the exact pest infestation you are up against. Call us today at 973-335-2777 if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Red, itchy bites - the appearance of flat, itchy welts on arms and shoulders after a disruptive sleep is a tell-tale sign of a possible infestation.
  • Small red splotches of blood on bed sheets - bed bugs often leave behind red, spots of blood from their bites.
  • Strong, musty odor - releasing pheromones, bed bugs in large quantities can cause an unpleasant smell in an infested room.

Satisfaction Guarantee
with a 30-Day Warranty

Having to handle a bed bug infestation can cause a great deal of anxiety. After treatments, you may worry that you’re alone if we did not completely get rid of the problem -- but have no fear! We make sure you’re never alone during a pest crisis! We have a 30-day warranty policy on the bed bug treatments we provide. If within 30 days after our treatment program, you find that we did not completely solve your bed bug problem, we will return to your home and make it right. Be sure to call us for additional details.

The mere idea of dealing with a bed bug infestation is an unnerving thought. Detecting bed bugs early, before a bad infestation occurs, can help you and your family feel secure 24/7 so you never have to worry. Bed bug monitoring will include the following:

  • Our well-trained experts will periodically check the devices.
  • If bed bugs are detected, we’ll notify you and take steps to eliminate the problem before an infestation can occur.

Sleep Soundly and Feel Secure Today!

Bed bugs in your home can be an anxiety-provoking situation. Let your trusted pest control experts will help you eliminate the problem as soon as possible. Call us today at 973-335-2777 and trust us to protect your home from irritating bed bugs. We proudly provide bed bug control throughout Northern New Jersey, including the following locations:

  • Boonton
  • Mountain Lakes
  • Morristown
  • Mendham
  • East Orange
  • Basking Ridge
  • Montville
  • Kinnelon
  • Denville
  • Randolph
  • Parsippany
  • West Orange
  • Bernardsville
  • Short Hills
  • Franklin Lakes
  • Livingston


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