Occasional Invader Identification & Prevention

Spiders, clover mites, springtails, and ladybugs are all problematic occasional invaders in New Jersey — which means you need the help of a professional pest control company to stop them from overrunning your property.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Occasional Invaders

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What are occasional invaders?

Occasional invaders are a subset of pests that seldom infest homes and businesses. Creatures like spiders, clover mites, springtails, and ladybugs rarely establish themselves inside our properties. That said, infrequent infestations can occur, which means you need professional pest control to identify problems in their earliest stages.

Pests like spiders, clover mites, springtails, and ladybugs pose little if any real risk to humans. For example:

  • Some species of spiders may be venomous to humans, but only two pose any risk of hospitalization in New Jersey.
  • Clover mites and springtails feed on plant matter and do not attack people or pets.
  • While ladybugs consume insect eggs and small bugs, they cannot bite humans or animals.

The greatest danger posed by occasional invaders is simply the numbers with which they infest. Hundreds of springtails and clover mites flood into our yards during early spring, while autumn -loving ladybugs appear in droves around our window sills. Spiders typically infest properties during the late fall and early winter as their usual food sources dry up for the year.

Why do I have an occasional invader problem?

Occasional invaders do not infest a property for no reason. There are generally three underlying factors attracting them to your home or business, not all of which are under your control.

The most common of these is the availability of water. The hot summers of New Jersey force many pests to get creative with their water sources, meaning just a few drops of water in a clogged pipe or leaky drain is enough to attract hordes of pests.

Food is another important attractant factor for occasional invaders. Ladybugs and spiders tend to travel with their prey, so a sudden infestation may indicate an unseen secondary infestation. Springtails and clover mites feed on molds and mildews and generally prefer properties with a damp, shady environment.

Shelter is the final component of an unexpected infestation. All pests need shelter against the heat, cold, and rain, and if your property has a vulnerable entry point, it’s likely to attract unwanted attention.

Where will I find occasional invaders?

Occasional invaders prefer to spend their time outside our homes and businesses. You may find these pests on the undersides of leaves, hiding under rocks, or within thick vegetation.

Inside the house, occasional invaders look for dark, quiet corners where they can hunt for food or lay their eggs in peace. Spiders and ladybugs, for example, prefer the corners of walls where they can build webs and feed on pests uninterrupted. Clover mites and springtails tend to infest rooftops and patios, where the abundance of heat and fungal growth keeps them warm and well-fed.

How do I get rid of occasional invaders?

Since occasional invaders only infest under the rarest circumstances, it’s difficult if not impossible to remove them on your own. These pests can lay hundreds of eggs during their lifetimes and reproduce undetected for weeks on end. If you’re not experienced with occasional invader removal, you may need a professional to provide a helping hand.

This is where the New Jersey pest control professionals at Trius Pest Management can help. With years of experience in the pest control industry, we have the time, talent, tools, and technology to get rid of occasional invaders fast. Once we visit your property to provide an initial inspection, we can assess the extent of treatment and offer pest relief immediately.

Call today to get a quote for commercial or residential pest control near you.

How can I prevent occasional invaders in the future?

Below are some prevention tips for occasional invaders like spiders, ladybugs, clover mites, and springtails:

  • Mow your grass frequently.
  • Repair clogged drains and leaky pipes.
  • Seal up dog and cat food bags or place the contents in an airtight container.
  • Call Trius Pest Management to identify a secondary pest infestation.
  • Fix cracks and gaps with waterproof caulking.
  • Get new screens for windows and doors.

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