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In a rapidly growing and modernizing world, trying to keep up with new species and instances of pests can feel like a losing battle. Whether you live near port cities or railroad tracks, pests can get around thanks to global shipping routes and constant human activity. 

This is why it pays to think about ways you can avoid infestations and the damage that they cause. With help from Trius Pest Management, you can get pest control in Chester, New Jersey, that’s proactive and affordable. With our experts at your side, there’s no pest that we can’t tackle — contact us today to learn more.

Residential Pest Control In Chester

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Maintaining a clean and sound home is about more than just eliminating messes; it’s about preventing pest problems, too. Pests cause damage and track diseases into our homes, making preventing them a key part of protecting your property and your loved ones. 

While certain home maintenance steps can help you reduce your risk of an infestation, the best way to make sure you’re not harboring hidden pests is by turning to professionals. Trius Pest Management provides detailed inspections and pest control services for New Jersey homes. 

Learn why you should turn to us for home pest control in Chester:

  • Free estimates: With just a simple phone call detailing your pest concerns and the size of your property, we can provide a quote for what services we think will best tackle your pest problem. 

  • Comprehensive treatment: We treat the entire property, including your perimeter, exterior walls and foundation, and interior hotspots if needed. 

  • Ongoing treatments: We offer quarterly re-services that ensure your home stays protected throughout the year, no matter which kind of pest is active around that time. 

There’s no time like the present to get started on protecting your home from pest problems, so contact Trius Pest Management right away. 

Commercial Pest Control In Chester

Businesses need to be wary of the disruption pests can cause. Not only can the property damage they lead to wind up costing you revenue, but the loss of reputation that results from customers spotting pests or signs of pest activity can further harm your bottom line. It’s not just food service properties that have to worry about attracting pests, either. Invasive pests can be attracted to any property because all kinds of human activity create food, water, and waste that they thrive on. 

Trying to combat pests with your own methods and through basic cleaning is helpful, but likely won’t allow you to actually eliminate an already-entrenched pest infestation. For that, you need professional treatments. 

Getting effective commercial pest control in Chester can save you from bigger costs down the road, so contact Trius Pest Management to learn how we can help tackle pest problems and prevent future infestations. 

What Carpenter Ant Damage Looks Like In Chester

We tend to think of ants as harmless, though annoying, invaders. However, some species of these insects can pose larger threats to your property. Carpenter ants damage wooden materials that they use to lay their eggs inside. Our homes and businesses are attractive targets for breeding ant species. 

Carpenter ant damage isn’t as thorough as termite damage, but it can result in holes bored into floorboards, firewood, and other accessible materials around your property. Unlike termites that chew through woods from the inside out, carpenter ants are more likely to bore directly into surface woods, especially if their populations have spread indoors. 

Acting on ant populations early on is how you make sure you don’t suffer this kind of damage, and turning to pest experts for proper identification of an issue can save you from being caught off guard by carpenter ants. Luckily, all you need to do is call Trius Pest Management to get a thorough inspection for ants and other wood-destroying species. We provide ant control in Chester that’s preventative and thorough at eliminating entire colonies from your property. 

Contact us today if you have concerns about ants. 

Identifying Spotted Lanternfly Activity In Chester

Not every pest that spreads throughout a region is native to that part of the world. The spotted lanternfly originated in Asia but has spread throughout certain regions of North America thanks to their eggs being stowed away in shipping containers. 

Without natural predators to hunt them, these distinctive flying bugs have been able to spread unhindered and pose risks to local plant life, which they eat.  

As such, it’s important to know how to identify them and spot signs of spotted lanternfly activity on your property. Here’s what to watch for: 

  • Wing markings: As their name suggests, these flying insects are distinguished by the black spotted patterns that appear on their wings. 

  • Egg masses: Spotted lanternflies lay their eggs on tree bark and foliage, which appear as brown, slimy masses. They lay them close to a food source for their larvae. 

  • Damage: Spotted lanternflies are such a problematic species because of how quickly they damage trees and other fruiting plants. Not only are they a danger to agricultural crops, but they can even harm local yards.

If you suspect a spotted lanternfly infestation, seek expert assistance immediately by contacting Trius Pest Management. 

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We had a huge ant problem and Brian was so helpful and did such an amazing job getting rid of the problem! Couldn't be happier with this service. Highly recommend!!

Christine E.Boonton, NJ

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