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Morristown is a northern New Jersey community best known as George Washington’s winter headquarters during the Revolutionary War. Today, the town is home to the Morristown National Historical Park, providing residents with education and entertainment.

While Morristown has many attractive features, the local pests aren’t one of them. These creatures live alongside residents and invade properties when necessities like food and water disappear from their natural habitat. Some pests can bite, spread illnesses, or damage property, so it’s best to call Morristown pest controlprofessionals when they get on your property.

Trius Pest Management protects Morristown and Morris County from troublesome pests. Serving local communities since 1983, we have the skills and experience to solve your pest issues.

Residential Pest Control In Morristown

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Morristown properties feature beautiful homes that provide comfort and safety to residents. Most people know how to protect their homes from human intruders, but pests are more common threats. They invade homes through tiny crevices for food, water, and shelter and are hard to eliminate, but residential pest control professionals can help.

At Trius Pest Management, our pest management professionals know the local pests and how to keep them out of your home. We begin our service by inspecting your property to find the pests and determine what attracted them. We use the best products to end infestations and take steps to protect your house from future problems.

Pests are excellent at finding entry points and creating new ones, so we offer quarterly recurring services to keep them out. Call us for more on how we can protect your Morristown home.

Commercial Pest Control In Morristown

While pests will invade any building, commercial facilities are often the best structures. Their sizes provide more entry points, and the animals can roam at night without running into people. These creatures can cause damage and spread illnesses that can negatively impact your production and reputation, so commercial pest control services are essential.

At Trius Pest Management, we help solve pest problems for businesses in various industries. We’ll inspect your property to find intruders, remove attractants to keep pests away, and close entry points to prevent future problems.

Our initial service can eliminate infestations in your facility, but we also offer recurring services for preventive pest control. Contact us to discover how we can serve your business.

Why Are Mosquitoes So Hard To Get Rid Of In Morristown?

Mosquitoes are common around Morristown when summer arrives. They become active around dawn and dusk, biting constantly. Fortunately, most of these pests are harmless and don’t spread illnesses, but that doesn’t mean you should keep them around.

One of the biggest annoyances about mosquitoes is how hard it is to eliminate them. These pests can become resistant to insecticides over time, making them hard to control. They breed anywhere and frequently, so they’re always around your property.

Rather than trying to eliminate mosquitoes, it’s often best to dissuade them from invading your property. Some natural prevention tips to keep mosquitoes away include:

  • Eliminate standing water on your property.
  • Cut your grass and bushes.
  • Replace the water in water features once a week.
  • Circulate pool water.

An even better option is to call the professionals at Trius Pest Management for help. Our pest management professionals will inspect your property for resting and breeding spots. We use five misting and granular applications on those areas to remove the pests and apply them between spring and fall when mosquitoes are most active.

We back up our mosquito treatments with an assurance that you're satisfied to ensure we solve your problem. Give us a call if mosquitoes are biting on your Morristown property.

The Key To A Rodent-Free Home In Morristown

Various types of rodents live in northern New Jersey and invade properties. Unfortunately, the most common rodents are rats and mice, the two species that attempt to enter buildings. They squeeze through tiny holes to access your home, causing damage and spreading illnesses when they get inside.

Rodents often bite if you attempt to handle them and carry potentially dangerous pathogens. Preventing these pests from entering your home is a better option. Some rodent prevention tips to keep these animals out of your Morristown home include:

  • Seal gaps or cracks around your home.
  • Replace loose weatherstripping.
  • Keep your food sealed in rodent-proof containers.
  • Remove garbage regularly.
  • Clear potential harborage spots off of your floors.

When these animals invade your home, you’ll need rodent control experts to get them out. Our pest management professionals at Trius Pest Management will inspect your property to find rodents and use pet-safe, family-safe methods to remove them. We’ll provide prevention tips to avoid future infestations and can return quarterly to recheck your house.

Rodents can cause damage and spread illnesses when they invade Morristown homes, so you should call the professionals to remove them as soon as you see them. Let us know if you need help with rodents in your house.

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We had a huge ant problem and Brian was so helpful and did such an amazing job getting rid of the problem! Couldn't be happier with this service. Highly recommend!!

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