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Often considered one of the best places to live in New Jersey, Parsippany gives residents an urban-to-suburban lifestyle in a peaceful location. However, pest problems do plague residents from time to time, which is why professional pest control in Parsippany, NJ is necessary to defeat troublesome pest invaders and return your property to a safe, peaceful space.

Residential Pest Control In Parsippany

No resident in Parsippany wants to deal with pests running wild around their property - not only are pests frightening and unpleasant to encounter, but most pest invaders bring serious dangers. Most pests transmit diseases and contaminate food storage areas and preparation surfaces with their scavenging behavior. Droppings left behind may lead to health problems and damage items around your home, leading to costly repairs.

Residential pest control in Parsippany provided by Trius Pest Management is the best way to ensure that all pest problems are taken care of on your property without resorting to hit-or-miss DIY methods and exposing yourself to the risks pests bring. 

Our pest management professionals will help identify your problems and provide you with helpful solutions that ensure your home is a safe, hygienic, and peaceful place to be.

Commercial Pest Control In Parsippany

Nothing ruins the trajectory of your Parsippany commercial property quite like a pest infestation, and battling with insect or rodent invaders brings more than just stress. Customers and employees may be frightened to encounter pests around your property, and DIY methods are often less than effective in treating the root cause of your problem and keeping pests away for good.

With the commercial pest control services in Parsippany provided by Trius Pest Management, you won’t need to worry about tackling your commercial pest problem all by yourself. Instead, let us identify your pest problems and any conducive conditions that might be encouraging infestation. We’ll develop treatment plans that remove all traces of your pest issue, so you can return your commercial property to business as usual.

How To Eliminate Spotted Lanternflies From Around Your Parsippany Home

Spotted lanternflies are an invasive insect, and, despite their name, they are not a species of fly. Spotted lanternflies belong to the scientific order of Hemiptera, which includes cicadas and aphids, and they are further classified in the family Fulgoridae, which consists of insects known as planthoppers. In large numbers, planthoppers wreak serious destruction to plants as they spread illnesses to crops and destroy them over time. Spotted lanternflies around your property are a major nuisance, and these pests need to be controlled if you want to avoid them ruining your plants and invading interior areas.

The best way to eliminate spotted lanternflies from around your Parsippany home is to invest in the assistance of local pest control. Trius Pest Management is ready to get to the bottom of your spotted lanternfly problem and provide you with effective, long-lasting solutions.

We also recommend putting spotted lanternfly prevention tactics into place, such as removing host trees that you’ve noticed spotted lanternflies invading, You can also utilize lavender oil sprays outdoors, as spotted lanternflies hate the smell of this oil, in addition to cleaning up fallen plant matter and debris from your property that provide hiding places for spotted lanternflies and other plant hoppers.

Contact Trius Pest Management today for more information regarding spotted lanternfly control and prevention in Parsippany.

Five Warning Signs Your Parsippany Home Has Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are distinctive due to their large size and shiny black color, though they bring serious trouble to your property with their destructive nature. Carpenter ants are known for their behavior of chewing through wood, and once they invade the wooden structures of your Parsippany home, they’ll hollow out the wood. Over time, this behavior leads to costly damages and the serious risk of structural collapse.

It’s important to be proactive about carpenter ant removal in Parsippany if you want to stop them from causing damage to your home. Keep an eye out for these five signs that your Parsippanty home has carpenter ant invaders.

  1. You see carpenter ants around exterior or interior areas, where they may be crawling around wooden structures.

  2. You hear rustling or clicking noises from inside walls, especially at night when things around the home are quieter.

  3. Wood around your property starts to break, sink, or crumble; paint on walls might bubble and doors and windows might become tight-fitting as wood sinks and becomes hollow.

  4. You notice mounds of sawdust (carpenter ant frass) around wooden areas or holes in baseboards, windowsills, and other wooden spaces.

  5. The wooden structures of your property sound hollow, or you notice galleries carved into wooden areas and wooden furniture around your home.

If you need more information about carpenter ant management or assistance removing infestations of this pest from your property, reach out to Trius Pest Management today.

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Trius is fantastic! We've had an yearly plans with them for a couple of years, now. They come out 3-4 times a year for regular maintenance and if we've had any concerns in-between they've always made it a priority to come back, which is covered for free under our annual plan. Professional, timely, easy to contact, pleasant to do business with. We're moving to a bigger house next week and definitely keeping their business going!

Adam R.Boonton, NJ

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