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Suburban areas have to worry about the spillover of pest populations that thrive in urban environments. With proximity to Newark and the greater New York metro area, Summit, New Jersey, is a good example of the kind of community that benefits from proactive pest protection.

Pests in our homes and businesses can cause big disruptions, which is why Summit pest control is best handled by trained professionals who know how to address the risks early on and prevent infestations from growing. Learn how Trius Pest Management can help you get rid of pests or, better yet, keep them out of your Summit property entirely.

Residential Pest Control In Summit

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As unwanted as pests are in peoples’ homes, few homeowners take proactive steps to actually avoid residential infestations. Instead, most people wait until a pest problem is already noticeable before they take action. This not only sets you up for pests to hide and grow their numbers on your property, but it also increases your risk of property damage and health problems that pests can cause.

This is why you need residential pest control in Summit from Trius Pest Management. We have decades of experience with eliminating pest problems and protecting homes against infestations before they can form.

Here are some of the reasons so many New Jersey homeowners trust us with their safety:

  • Locally owned: We’re based right here in New Jersey, ensuring fast response times and a neighborly approach to your pest control needs. 
  • Organic treatments: Unlike big corporate pest control companies, we opt for all-natural and organic treatments that are more effective and safe for you and your property. 
  • No contracts: We also don’t lock customers into long-term contracts that they may not need or want. Instead, we cater our services to your needs and your budget. 

Keep pests out of your Summit home entirely by turning to Trius Pest Management right away.

Commercial Pest Control In Summit

Commercial property owners need to be even more vigilant when it comes to keeping pests out. With the costly repairs their damaging behaviors can lead to, not to mention the damage to your reputation that can happen when word spreads of an infestation in your business, pest infestations can cause big disruptions to your operations.

This is why Summit business owners turn to Trius Pest Management for commercial pest control in Summit that protects their bottom line from pest issues. Here are some of the kinds of local businesses we help with avoiding pests:

  • Property management: We specialize in helping property management companies prevent pests from damaging properties or making them less attractive to prospective renters or buyers. 
  • Restaurants: Food service properties need to be proactive with pest control because all kinds of pest populations will be drawn to the food sources that can be found in every restaurant. 
  • Storage and warehouses: Areas with lots of storage space and containers for pests to hide in can be attractive to invaders like rodents and cockroaches. 

Don’t let pests impact your Summit business; contact Trius Pest Management to get started on total protection today.

Protect Your Summit Property From Fleas And Ticks

Pests aren’t just drawn to our properties because of the food they can find in our cupboards or scraps left around our floors and countertops. Some pests feed on people and pets directly. These kinds of pests are known as parasites, and they are both common and unhealthy to have invading your Summit property.

Flea and tick infestations can happen to any property owner because these parasites are attracted anywhere there are people or animals to feed on. And it’s important to note that these pests don’t only strike in homes or businesses where pets congregate; they can even happen in pet-free properties.

To avoid parasitic pests, you need assistance from experts who can inspect your property and help you address factors that increase your risk of fleas or ticks. If they are already a problem, don’t waste time on DIY methods or store-bought solutions that might not fully eliminate the problem. Instead, turn to Trius Pest Management for flea and tick treatments that completely address the infestation.

Let Trius Pest Management handle parasitic pests in Summit by contacting us right away.

How Can I Be Certain If My Summit Property Is Safe From Termites?

If you wait until termite damage is obvious before you act, you’re setting yourself up for costly repairs and persistent pest problems. As wood-boring insects that chew through wooden items, termites are the scourge of many property owners. Contrary to popular belief, however, termite infestations aren’t as obvious as some might think.

Instead, termite populations tend to form below the ground and hide within our walls for weeks or months without a property owner noticing the signs. By the time the damage they cause is obvious, the colony will have grown large enough to withstand most treatment attempts. This is why you need termite inspections from professionals who can clue you into danger long before it reaches this point.

At Trius Pest Management, we conduct inspections for wood-destroying insects and other organisms (WDI or WDO, in industry terminology). This not only helps you spot the signs of termite colonies forming, but it can provide you with enough time to address the problem before it leads to expensive repairs.

Turn to Trius Pest Management right away for termite monitoring services in Summit.

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Trius is fantastic! We've had an yearly plans with them for a couple of years, now. They come out 3-4 times a year for regular maintenance and if we've had any concerns in-between they've always made it a priority to come back, which is covered for free under our annual plan. Professional, timely, easy to contact, pleasant to do business with. We're moving to a bigger house next week and definitely keeping their business going!

Adam R.Boonton, NJ

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