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Wayne is fewer than 20 miles from Manhattan and home to historical sites from the American Revolution. Its location near the country’s largest city provides locals with various entertainment options, making it a popular place to live and work.

Living in Wayne provides residents with hiking and nature experiences they can’t find in the big city. However, these areas also house various animals that can invade properties. Searching for food, water, and shelter, they can cause damage to structures and spread illnesses to people.

Trius Pest Management provides expert pest control in Wayne. We supply our pest management professionals with the best tools and training to protect your home or business.

Residential Pest Control In Wayne

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Wayne is a quiet community, enabling residents to relax near the busy city. Unfortunately, pests cause headaches when they invade properties. Some creatures are relatively harmless, but others can cause substantial damage to your house or spread illnesses to your family. Residential pest control professionals can eliminate these concerns.

Trius Pest Management has been protecting Wayne residents from infestations since 1983. Our pest management professionals start by learning about your pest problems and providing a free estimate. In most cases, we’ll arrive for a specific purpose and inspect your house for signs of pests, attractants, and entry points. We can provide external and internal treatments using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methodologies.

Following our initial visit, we can return quarterly to protect the interior and exterior of your house. Call us today to discover how our residential services can protect your Wayne home.

Commercial Pest Control In Wayne

Pests are a common problem for commercial facilities and will worsen issues the longer you allow them to remain. They’ll damage products and make people sick, impacting the production and reputation of your operation. Fortunately, commercial pest control services can help.

At Trius Pest Management, we’ll provide a free estimate before beginning our service. When we first arrive on your property, we’ll inspect the interior and exterior of your facility to find pests, conducive conditions, and possible entry points. We'll install bait stations and glue boards for rodents, gel bait for ants or roaches, and assist with sanitation and trash disposal.

Effective pest control is ongoing, so we offer monthly recurring services to replace bait and address new issues. Give us a call to learn how we can protect your business from pests.

Do-It-Yourself Tick Control Is Such A Hassle In Wayne

Ticks can threaten your family and pets when they invade your Wayne property. These insects get into yards on wild animals and attach to dogs or cats while outside. They use your pets to access your house and bite animals and people.

These tiny pests cling onto grass blades, making them hard to find. Attempting to remove these pests can be difficult and ineffective, so it's best to prevent them from invading in the first place. Fortunately, you can use tick prevention tips to keep these pests from getting onto your property, including:

  • Cut your grass short.
  • Build a fence around your property to keep wildlife out.
  • Provide tick medication for dogs and cats.
  • Eliminate overgrown vegetation and debris.

Preventing or removing ticks can be a hassle, so the best option is to call the professionals at Trius Pest Management for help. Our pest management professionals use five liquid misting and granular applications to reduce the number of ticks on your property.

Ticks can be problematic when they invade Wayne properties. Contact us to learn how our tick reduction treatments can protect your family.

What Is The Most Effective Termite Control Method In Wayne?

Termites are a concern whenever they get onto Wayne properties. These insects live in the soil and build mud tunnels to reach the exterior of structures. Since they eat wood, they threaten any home they get near. Additionally, they begin causing damage inside the wood and take years to cause visible issues, enabling them to remain undetected for a long time.

You probably can’t remove termites when they enter your home, but you can prevent them from invading. Some tips to keep termites out of your Wayne building include:

  • Close cracks in your exterior.
  • Divert water away from your foundation.
  • Repair leaks in pipes, faucets, or cooling units.
  • Keep firewood at least 20 feet away from your structure.

While these tips can help to prevent termite infestations, calling professionals for help is the most effective termite control option. Our pest management professionals at Trius Pest Management provide a free inspection to identify the pests in your home or business. We use eco-friendly bait stations to remove them, enabling us to avoid drilling and chemicals.

After our initial service, we’ll return in two months to check the bait stations, and our quarterly recurring services include three annual inspections. Let us know if you need termite control for your Wayne property.

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We've called on Trius for a variety of issues for the past 5+ years, most recently a wasp infestation. They took care of it quickly and explained what was happening and what to monitor. It's a relief, as I had gotten stung on the back deck and was reluctant to have guests. Scheduling and communicating with the office is always pleasant, and pricing is fair.

Brett S.Boonton, NJ

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