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Moisture pests threaten Wayne, NJ, homes; learn about these pests and how to control them by reading through our pest guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Moisture Pests

a house centipede in a home

What are moisture pests?

Excess moisture in or around your home can promote things like rotting wood, mold, and mildew. In addition to causing damage to your structure, excess humidity can attract pests with high moisture needs to your property.

Some of the most common examples of moisture pests in our region include:

  • Cave crickets
  • Earwigs
  • House centipedes
  • Millipedes
  • Silverfish

Each of the above species has different appearances, food preferences, and behaviors. However, they all have in common that they are drawn to areas with excess moisture and are pests that regularly find their way into our Wayne yards, homes, garages, and sheds.

Are moisture pests dangerous?

Moisture pests are typically more of a nuisance than they are a danger. Some moisture pests can bite, but their bites aren't generally a serious concern; some will contaminate stored food, and others will chew on and damage boxes, papers, upholstered furniture, and fabrics.

These pests have no interest in people, just the warmth and humidity your home provides. The biggest concern with having moisture pests in your home is why they are present. If these pests are being drawn around or into your home, it is because of excess moisture. If they are able to enter your home, their presence should alert you to defects in your home’s exterior that require quick repair!

Why do I have a moisture pest problem?

Several things can cause the soil around the perimeter of your home to be damp and provide the perfect habitat for moisture pests, including:

  • Leaky pipes and fixtures
  • Overgrown shrubbery and other vegetation
  • A build-up of weeds and leaves against the foundation of your home
  • Landscaping ties and landscaping rocks

When these pests are living in the soil around the perimeter of your home, it is easy for them to enter your home through cracks in the foundation and gaps under doors.

While any home can experience moisture issues and be invaded by moisture pests, older homes with cracks and other tiny openings tend to be the most susceptible.

Where will I find moisture pests?

Moisture pests like earwigs, silverfish, centipedes, and millipedes prefer to live outside. Places that provide these pests with the moisture they require include the soil under mulch, leaf debris, grass piles, and woodpiles. They also hang out under trashcans, potted plants, and other containers. Properties with a lot of gardens, landscaped areas, and wooded areas tend to experience a lot of activity from moisture pests.

When these insects wriggle their way into our homes, they quickly find a dark, damp place to hang out. Areas of most homes that are most prone to moisture issues are crawl spaces, wall voids, vents, and basements. Because they typically gather in dark, hard-to-reach areas of our homes, it can take some time to identify a problem with these pests. Regular pest control services are the best way to identify a problem with moisture pests or other common household pests as quickly as possible, minimizing the issues they can cause.

How do I get rid of moisture pests?

If nuisance moisture pests keep finding their way into your Wayne home, we are here to help. The benefits of choosing us to provide you with pest control solutionsinclude the following:

  • The high-quality pest management services we provide
  • That we are a locally owned and operated company
  • The flexible scheduling and personal touch we offer all our customers
  • Our ability to provide organic treatment options

Contact us and speak with one of our helpful professionals to learn more about our exterior and interior treatments and recurring home pest control visits. Trius Pest Management wants to help you learn about pest control in Wayne.

How can I prevent moisture pests in the future?

To prevent moisture pests from moving into your home, removing as much excess moisture from in and around your house as possible is vital. Some of our most helpful home pest control tips include: 

  • Repair leaky pipes and spigots.
  • Make sure your home is correctly ventilated.
  • Use dehumidifiers to reduce excess moisture in your home.
  • Rake back excess leaves and other debris from your home’s exterior.
  • Cut back overgrown shrubbery and landscaping from your home. 

If you ever discover moisture pests in your home, don’t hesitate to contact us for help getting rid of pests. We will then provide you with ongoing support to maintain a pest-free home.

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